Why we love Warrior Sailing

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The video says it all

I am sitting here trying to write about Warrior Sailing. I watched the video and thought hmmm. It’s all there. How we found it, how we participate, how it works and how you can help. Now let me tell you the backstory.

Traveling opens your mind

I watch the news. Same stuff. Terror attack, immigration, political dissention and on and on. My favorite is when those on the left and right say that if the other side wins they will turn in their passport and leave the USA. No they won’t. And they shouldn’t as it’s a great place to live – along with many other first world countries. When you travel by boat you see the world differently. You pull away from the first world and enter the third. In the last 30 months we visited 15 amazing countries and cultures and we wouldn’t have skipped one. Well….maybe one. I also read a history book on each one we visit. That’s right every one. (I am on my third Mexican history book right now). It makes the visit a richer experience if you know how they came to be, the current state of affairs, and a look to the future. One thing is for sure. We have so many advantages in first world countries that we cannot begin to imagine the difference in the pursuit of happiness.

The travel sparked an idea

During this traveling, Lennie and I became interested in trying to help these island nations in some small way. We found that central Dominica had limited internet and we thought the kids there should have it. After a little research we realized that problem wasn’t ours to solve. Once in Bimini we learned that many kids didn’t have access to computers at home. Florida is 50 miles away and we throw away more working computers each day that could solve the problem. And on and on. We realized the best way to help these islands is to visit and spend money and through our videos create interest for others to do the same.

Lennie is the one who always thinks that although helping where we could is great, we have plenty of people who need help at home. Lennie also is the one who wants to be home on the Fourth of July as a salute to our country and our military. Now you see where this is going…….

Searching for a cause

Don’t get me wrong, Lennie and I support several charities and non profits through our business, but we were looking for something that would be just for us….personally. And if it could be tied to our love of sailing or cruising – then it would be a slam dunk. Passion meets altruism. And after a year of searching, Lennie found the Warrior Sailing Program. And the rest is history…..

Please enjoy this video and help if it seems right to you.

9 Responses

  1. Mike

    Hi Randy
    Great video! I’ve been to many countries too and agree with all our faults it’s the best country in the world.

    • happytogether

      Hi Andrea, Thanks so much for your comment and I am glad our passion came out in this video.
      Have a great holiday!

  2. Steve Erwin

    Randy, you and Lennie make me proud, for your commitment to the Warrior Sailing Program. The type of proud that brings a tear to my eye and lump in my throat. The type of proud that a Vietnam era veteran feels deep inside. Thank you for all you do, I will pitch in when I am able. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family.

    • happytogether

      Hi Steve, Thanks so much for your comment. And thanks for your service. I didn’t know how many veterans watch our channel but if you read the comments on youtube you will see there are a lot. Makes me love making the videos even more.
      Have a great Christmas and Keep in touch.

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