A Perfect Pura Vida in Costa Rica

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Not what I was thinking

This place sounded so exciting and remote. Rainforests, (real ones not the ones they say exist on Caribbean islands) and rivers, plus a ton of animals. You get there and soon see tourist families and children everywhere and it appears you have stepped into a Disney theme park. I mean this country has got it down. While all the other Central American countries fight crime, drugs, poverty etc. this country decided that they would invest in their people and natural beauty. It worked. Not only did they invest in infrastructure of the parks and conservation of the wildlife (sloths, monkeys, snakes, jaguars) but they also invested in their people. Students are encouraged to either take the eco path for their top education and become part of the sustainability movement, or they choose hospitality to become anything from servers to hotel managers. There are 5 million people in Costa Rica and studies find them to be among the happiest people on earth behind Norway and Sweden. A “third” world country in between several counties in deep trouble with refugees standing at the border. Wow, Costa Rica ,our hats off to you.

 Out here in the middle of nowhere?

 Being on Happy Together is like a week in luxury so when we decided to “rough it” ashore we started looking for a place to stay. We were shocked to see a drone shot of one of the most beautiful resorts in the world built on a river in the middle of a rainforest for a Jungle Book type experience.  I hope you book a trip to Costa Rica. It’s surprisingly close to the US and it’s a bucket list experience for sure. So book a long weekend or 2 weeks like many people do and be sure to let then know we sent you J.

Please enjoy our next video where we tried to capture as much of the area, people and culture we could fit into our 12-minute video!

2 Responses

  1. Jonathan Arck

    Hi, Lennie and Randy

    What a great video, thanks! I guess Costa Rica’s on our list of “must-dos.”

    I have a friend who bought a house there and says that there’s a large contingent of American ex-pats there.

    Gloria and Jon
    S/V Second Star (2016 L44)

    • happytogether

      Hi Jon and GLoria,
      Thanks and yes! You can fly there easily on a long weekend. Lots of americans. The dollar goes far in most places but the resort was a bit on the pricey side…

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