Touring the Robertson & Caine Catamaran Factory

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15 and counting…..

Don’t ask us to explain. We have been together for 22 years and we have had 15 Happy Togethers. That’s right. 15. That’s why we can’t put numbers behind the name because we would end up in roman numerals. There was a reason behind each upgrade/downgrade. Money, family, mission, quality, and oh yeah…..changing for changing sake. Change is the spice of life. That’s the one that got us this time.


Interesting that Lennie and I had never visited any boat manufacturing facility. Heck, we bought Hunters, Sea Rays and Intrepids that were produced right here in Florida in our back yard but we never had the bug. Not this time and for good reason. We don’t just use boats anymore. They become part of us. It’s like talking about your kids. When we sit at the dinner table we talk about the boat. In fact, at every meal. Location of boat, repairs of the boat, upgrades to the boat, travel plans by boat etc. Hard to explain but you spend so much time with it and working on it that we wanted to see where it was born and the people who made it. We wanted to see how it was assembled. The process and what it looked like when still in pieces. It was an amazing experience and we now encourage others to make the trip. Not only can you Safari and spend time in a great city (Cape Town) but you are in Africa and all that it implies.

Please enjoy us pulling back the lid on the mystery of boatbuilding. Its more of an overview as there is enough detail at each station to run out of film. Hopefully this will get you motivated to visit one.

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  1. Page Sikes

    Great video! Learned a lot like usual!! Love your posts and hope someday to meet you. Warrior Sailing getting ready to start back up in Great Lakes and excited for another season!! Went to Charleston Race Week which was amazing. Have my Happy Together T-shirt from donation and wear it proudly. Look forward to next adventure.

    • Randy

      Hi Page, So glad you liked this one. Looking forward to following WS adventures on the Great Lakes this summer. You need a visor! Send me an e mail with your address and I will send one! Randy

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