Hurricane Irma

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Scary piece of video I have been working on the video from our two trips to Catalina island and came across a clip of my buddy Mike sitting on the bow of Happy Together in Isthmus Cove Catalina with his … Continued

America’s Cup and a Crash

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$7800 bucks worth of silver The America’s Cup has been in my blood since I started sailing.  I guess it’s the international competition that excites me. Rooting for my country and all. Now it’s become such a team sport that … Continued

Son of a Sailor

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“We Built this City” – Jefferson Starship Since I was a kid my family was connected to San Francisco. One of my first memories was standing in a building where my Dad, a young General Contractor, was remodeling the entire … Continued

California Here We Come

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Magnitude This California idea was in our head for about a year. We were still in Saint Barths dancing on tables and thinking we would see all the rest of the Caribbean and then go to Panama and then up … Continued